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the treehouse

Functionality and poetry are no contradiction in LUA, the new bathroom collection from LAUFEN. Based on a universal shape, Toan Nguyen designed a complete and flexible collection that fits into any environment, simple and progressive at the same time.
LUA thus fits perfectly into the utopian setting of Casa Albero, an ambitious but playful architectural project. The treehouse consists of modular cubes that can be expanded endlessly.
Casa Albero, an utopian architectural project, between trees taken from outside.
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clear Stylistic
vocabulary of rectangles and ovals

Straight lines, gently rounded corners and edge radii create a pleasing symbiosis with the oval washbasins, washbasin bowls, WCs, bidets and bathtubs.

The classic, balanced design ensures that LUA works with practically all prevailing interior design styles and life situations.

Designer Toan
Nguyen about the process

“For me LUA represented a challenge, to create a collection that is very simple and extremely complete at the same time, in each of its parts. I wanted to create a form that is like a part of our collective memory. When you are designing, sometimes there is a tendency to exaggerate, to generate a sign, to make the product different.”

Toan Nguyen leaning casually against an grey wall.

The perfect balance between Poetry
and functional quality

LUA is a multi-variant collection of washbasins, toilets, furniture, bathtubs and faucets.

A washbasin with faucet mounted on the wall in an auburn setting.
A bathtub in a pale blue setting.
Detail shot of a faucet and washbasin with toothbrush in a charcoal setting.
A vanity unit with open drawers in a pale blue setting.


The bathroom is the most intimate space in the home. We want it to be as functional and comfortable as possible.



Human beings and their relationships with objects are the central focus. A collection that perfectly combines pure forms and high levels of workmanship. 



Each piece has its own specific role inside the collection. No single piece is more important than the others.



Each item has been honed down to the smallest details. Each item offers a perfect balance of form and maximum usage flexibility. 


have fun with our  kaleidoscope
and create your own unique Piece of art

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